"I had the opportunity to chat with Dan, and what a great guy he is.  We spoke about his music which I have to say is perfect for “cruising around in your car”.  His band, the West Texas Millionaires, has such a great sound, and Dan’s voice is reminiscent of the Beatles crossed with Roy Orbison."  - Dara -  

“Pretty much nothing good ever comes out of Arizona, but Fatigo are the exception to that rule. The Phoenix band boasts as many as a dozen members, all coming together to craft a bizarre brand of Latin-inspired rock. ”   - Chris Maroulakos - Owl and Bear

 “Contenders in three categories for the 2010 TAMMIES (Tucson Area Music Awards) – best jazz band, best female vocalist and best horn player. Come and see why they are deserving of such accolades!”
 Carolyn Cassen - Tucson Citizen

The Dusty Buskers "...renditions of traditional Irish songs have a rough authenticity. The Buskers sound almost as if one were in a Galway pub, seated at the next table over, listening to old music being played by old friends." -  Maggie Golston -


The members of RockUs have all been staples of the Southern Arizona music scene for years.  There have been tours, flirtations with record deals, times when things were tough, unforgettable nights on stage.......all the usual stuff.  Now it's about having a great time and bringing the audience along for the ride.   ..  - <>

 "Upon the release of their debut album, they hit the road for weeks at a time, bypassing the metropolitan centers in favor of the oft-neglected smaller towns in between. Wherever they went, they brought a simple musical proposition: Her piano and voice, his acoustic guitar, a love of life’s little details, and a sense of humor. Although they traversed a landscape of bleached-husk desolation, they arrived none the worse for wear. Their longing for home unfulfilled, they found something of greater value along the way. They found a legion of like-minded hopeful searchers who believed in what they had to say and how they said it..." <>

 Dylan Charles and the Border Crossers:
"Showstopper Dylan Charles...caused someone next to me to exclaim, 'How does someone so young manage to sound like that?' You could string a rake and Dylan would make it sound good." - Dave Resto - Bisbee Observer

"Whether its lead vocalist Meredith Moore’s extraordinary set of pipes or Shea Marshall’s ability to play two saxophones at a time, The Sugar Thieves performance is like a rumbling freight train that shakes people of all ages to their feet."

Jazz on the Green - Omaha Performing Arts

"Self-described neo-retro western swing. Foot-stomping music that will inspire the rebel within; all the necessary ingredients - catchy well-written lyrics, raw soulful female vocals, and a bassist who beats the hell out of his upright."  - Anjalynn Carlson